Company Profile

Company Name
Shammout United Trade Co.
Head Office
Damascus , Syria
Year of establishment
General Manager
Mr. Derar Shammout
Legal status
Collective Partnership
Fields of Business

Exclusive agent of Jianghuai Automobile Co. (JAC) .
Exclusive agent of BYD AUTO.

Construction Materials
Import of various kinds of steel, lumber and cement .

Food Stuff
Import of rice and sugar .

No. of employees
Amman , Jordan
Affiliate Company
MHD Derar Shammout & Co.
Legal status
Limited partnership
Introduction :  

Shammout United Trade Co was established on Aug , 8 ,1952 by its owner Mr. Abdul Wahab Shammout with its head office located in Damascus, Syria . His main activity when he started his business was exporting Syrian goods to the Jordanian market. He didn’t waste any effort in expanding his activity, therefore he entered the Jordanian and the Palestinian markets by establishing his Company branch in Jordan . And since its conception, the company has grown by leaps and bounds.
Now Shammout United Trade Co. are operated by his son's ( second generation) with over 50 years of experience , specialized in placing its substantial experience at the disposal of its customers, offering the right quality at the right price. The company's active imports all the year round has concentrated a great deal on the satisfaction of the needs of the Syrian markets for rolling stocks that had a  growing demand such as automobile, construction material and food stuff.

Automobile (JAC) & (BYD)


The company's after sale care and continuous spare parts supply has enhanced the sales strategy and have induced the customers to concentrate on our products. There are the company's automobile showrooms, automobile service centers and spare parts supply that are well spread all around the country, which are for covering the needs of the customers. Our vehicle business activities is strong enough to classify us as one of the most active car agents in Syria.

Construction materials :


Shammout United is considered as one of the leading suppliers of construction materials to the Syrian market and our import activities for construction materials are concentrated on Steel, Lumber and Cement. We deal with various kinds of steel, cement and lumber.

Food stuff :


We import rice and sugar for the supply of the Syrian market.
Through our supply chain, distributed all around Syria, we have built a good reputation with our clients, and our products have been always highly appraised by our clients due to the good quality and its international standards.

Shammout United 's staff have extensive experience in all facets of the management,  marketing and after sales service . Our company's success is due not only to the quality of our people, but also builds on a trustworthy relations we have developed with our customers. Our skills and competencies, coupled with our long term experience and capability of systematized management methodology and discipline, has ensured that we can offer our customers truly exceptional services .
With our conscientious approach, excellent customer service and utmost customer satisfaction as the guiding force, our company has gradually developed into one of the major trade house in Syria .  

What Sets Us Apart ?


Our Quality and Price.
We are dedicated to meet our customer's requirements offering the right quality at the right price.


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